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Welcome to the Appin Community Council website. We hold meetings in Appin Village Hall approximately every two months thereby abiding by the requirements to have a minimum of six meetings per year, plus the AGM.

Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes are posted on the Notice Boards at Appin Co-op and Gunns Garage as well as on this website. All members of the Appin Community are welcome to attend or if they are unable to do so they can contact any of the Community Councillors to raise any legitimate matters on their behalf. It has been agreed that each councillor should take responsibility for areas relating to the community. In the list below you will see which councillor to contact if you have a particular concern or interest in any of the given subjects. You can contact any of the councillors if you have a concern or interest in a subject that is not shown on the list.

For general enquiries, you can get in touch with the Community Council by email:


Please note: that to have an item included on the agenda it should be submitted to the secretary at least twelve clear days before a meeting. Alternatively, a Member may submit a question in writing to the Secretary not later than 48 hours before the meeting. Any such question may be answered orally or in writing.

The current Community Councillors and their responsibilities are:

Charles Steuart Fothringham Convenor Emergency Plan
Neil Mackie Secretary Minutes/Correspondence
Paul Zvegintzov Treasurer Roads & Infrastructure 07721 503981
David Craig Councillor Cycle Track 01631 730227
Linda MacLeod Councillor Health / Education 01631 730376
Jane Parkin Councillor Email Circulation, Planning & Licensing
Lorraine Drysdale Councillor    
Alison MacCorquodale Councillor Water Issues 01631 730111
Bob Cornish Co-opted Projects  


More about the Community Council

The Community Council works hard to ensure that the voice of the community they live in are heard.  This dedicated team of Councillors do their utmost to ensure that matters are dealt with fairly throughout the community. 
Input from community members is extremely important in order to ensure that your opinions are heard and any concerns are dealt with quickly and professionally.  Far from being a "closed shop", the Community Council welcomes your input and they will do their best to get answers and solutions to your concerns and queries.
If you have not attended a Community Council meeting before come along and join us and find out what we are all about.  Your Voice, Your Community Council, working for the Community.




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